Our Philosophy

Montessori nurseries have flourished in various parts of the world but a Montessori nursery with an Islamic cultural ethos still remains a rarity. This is why the Olive Tree Montessori is unique in the sense that it seeks to develop universal Islamic values by using the Montessori methods of teaching and learning.

Maria Montessori, the educational architect of the educational philosophy which now bears her name, married together an understanding of cognitive development and a realisation that nourishing the spiritual needs of children was the essence to creating progress and prosperity for all. Dr Montessori contends that intellectual curiosity, a love of learning and the insatiable appetite for knowledge should be allowed to blossom in a natural way. Moreover, (and this is where the complementarity with Islam becomes most evident) learning should take place within a moral and spiritual framework that guides the learning process towards the higher goals of moral and spiritual awareness.

A well nurtured child is a not simply an intelligent child but a child for whom moral decency is central to all intellectual endeavours. The role of the teacher is to facilitate that growth by designing the right range of activities which use specific learning tools geared towards stimulating the senses, which eventually leads to a deeper and personalised understanding of numerical and linguistic concepts.

The Olive Tree Montessori is committed to nurturing children who will become well balanced and mature adults and an asset to their communities. We are inspired by the conviction that the spiritual seed, which is inherent in us all and is the source of our creative and intellectual capacities, needs to be carefully guided in order to maximise each child’s potential.

Hence our slogan: ‘Cultivating the roots of knowledge’.


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