Registration process

At the Olive Tree Montessori we accept children from the age of two years to five years.
Nursery sessions are offered as follow: 

Session Times - Mon – Fri

Optional Early Drop Off:   08:30 – 09:00

Half day:                            09:00 – 12.00

Half day:                            12:00 – 15:00

Full day:                             09:00 – 15:00

Olive Tree Montessori aims to ensure quality of childcare while providing flexibility for parents. We will ensure that our admissions process adheres to our equal opportunities policy.

It is a requirement of the Local Authority that parents/guardians provide the following information to the Manager: name, address and date of birth of each child; name, home address and place of work with respective telephone numbers of the parents/guardians of each child (we ask that a copy of the parent/guardians current timetable should be left with the Manager to ensure that contact can be made in an emergency); name, address and telephone number of each child's doctor and the state of immunisation and infectious diseases suffered by each child. Parents should supply the nursery with any changes in the above circumstances.
On registration parents are required to complete a registration pack, which includes:

Registration Form:

  • Full name of child
  • Date of birth
  • Passport sized photo
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Parent/Guardian details
  • Parental responsibility/legal contact
  • Contact numbers
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Security password

Health Form:

  • Dietary requirements
  • Special health needs
  • Consent to allow medical advice and treatment


  • Registration fee
  • Number of sessions
  • Deposit
  • Fees
  • Discounts


  • Consent for photography and video


  • Parental consent

The cost of registration is £30.00. This is a non- refundable one off payment to ensure that your child has a place in the nursery. A six week deposit (calculated on the basis of the amount of sessions that have been selected) is required on the first day of your child attending the nursery. Parents are required to give a notice of six weeks if they do not wish their child to attend any further nursery sessions.  The deposit will be returned thereafter.

Termination of registration

  1. The child has reached the age limit.
  2. Failure to register for ten days without contact or prior notification.
  3. If, despite best efforts, a child continues to show apparently intractable difficulties in settling within the first half-term, the contract may be terminated with immediate effect at the sole discretion of the Nursery Director.
  4. Parents/guardians wishing to terminate their registration must give six weeks’ notice in writing.
  5. If a Parent wishes to reduce the number of days attended, a 6 week notice is also required by the Nursery.

Once the child has registered and they have been allocated a place at the Olive Tree Montessori. Their name will be placed on the official Olive Tree Montessori register.
This document also contains the following:

    • Staff details
    • Hours of attendance by both staff and children
    • Key workers name corresponding to the child


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