Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori method fits comfortably with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines laid down by the Department of Education. Both emphasise the need to engage children in active learning and to provide stimulating environments to aid their developmental process.

There are four essential characteristics of the Montessori method:

A unique child

Each child has tremendous potential to become an effective learner and develop the virtues of confidence, determination and respect for knowledge. The challenge is to unlock the innate potential by allowing children the freedom to explore and be creative in a spontaneous way. Hence the Olive Tree Montessori encourages children to use their initiative and embrace challenges as learning opportunities.

Positive relationships

At the heart of any learning environment are positive relationships. The parents are the child’s primary carers and need to be respected and this is the reason why the Olive Tree Montessori places great value on creating a partnership with parents and ensuring that the relationships between everyone in the nursery are underpinned by mutual respect.

Enabling environment

Every last detail of the nursery is purposefully designed to encourage the natural growth of the child so that the child is guided by the specific learning materials that naturally cultivate knowledge and interest in areas such as mathematics, language and science. 

Here are some examples of the learning materials:

Learning and Development

Since every child is unique the Olive Tree Montessori recognises that children learn in different ways and at different paces according to their specific needs. Furthermore, all areas of learning are interconnected and mutually reinforcing and therefore the learning and developmental process should be understood as a holistic process, which ties in with development of the whole personality. In essence, the learning process is guided by the child’s developmental needs and thus the Olive Tree Montessori only employs fully qualified empathetic practitioners who are sensitive to the intricacies of the learning process.  

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