EYFS Statutory Framework

The Olive Tree Montessori adheres to the Department of Education guidelines outlined within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) that emphasises experiential and active learning through play and exploration, all of which is considered essential in facilitating child development.

Furthermore, it gives recognition to the importance of engendering critical thinking and creativity, particularly in respect of helping children become more aware of their environment and discover innovative and novel ways to overcome any challenges that might come their way.  At the Olive Tree Montessori we encourage all the children to experiment, observe and try different activities in order to enrich their learning experience.

Our attention to careful planning and an approach that is centred on the needs of each and every child ensures that all children are given an abundance of support and encouragement that is fundamental to stimulating holistic development.

All children, without exception, are observed by qualified staff on a daily basis who record the progress of each child in the following seven areas:

  1. Communication and Language.
  2. Physical Development.
  3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
  4. Literacy.
  5. Mathematics.
  6. Understanding the World.
  7. Expressive Arts and Designs.

This ensures that the specific needs of each child are fully accommodated and that we remain fully aware of the progress of all the children. In addition to ensuring that our practice remains outstanding we have designed our physical environment to be particularly conducive to making all children feel comfortable and at ease in a new environment. We have also taken practical measures to ease the transition from nursery to school by introducing children to wearing a basic and informal uniform (a jumper with the nursery logo), an opportunity to carry a book bag and to borrow learning aids that can be used at home. We believe that this will help to create a sense of self-confidence and responsibility.

We use the renowned method of phonics (sounds), to teach children to read and a range of tailor made manipulatives to encourage basic mathematical reasoning.

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